Track Listing:
1. You NEVER Knew Me
2. Return Of The Boomasaurus
(Set Me Free)
3. Man Of Shadows
4. 3E-3C
5. Chipboom
6. Dominus
7. Morning Star
8. Breathe
9. Computer Language
(The 1-4-3-0-5 Mix)
10. Basshead
11. Artificial Unintelligence
12. My Beautifulest BB
13. Dangerous Frequencies
(Subsonic Excursion Testing Track)
14. 8-Bit Encryption Algo-Rhythm (Transmission To Outpost Z)
I'm sure some would tell me that this is what my first album "should" have been. This album has taken much effort, and it is truly a liberating and
expressive collection of work for me. I am one of those people that can connect sounds and especially music itself to emotional and personal
depths. Indeed, this album is quite an evolution in my production capabilities and style because of the step I took into bigger and better
software. I first began my foray into creating my music with Synthcart for the Atari 2600, then I began dabbling with the sample oriented
Nanoloop for iOS. Next I acquired some actual studio hardware, had learned a good deal more about production and recording, and wanted to
do a better chiptune album, so I learned my way around LSDJ and acquired a couple pro-sounded Gameboys. I next wanted to do a far better
produced and mixed bass CD, so there was "Digital Bass 2017" which was still made primarily in Nanoloop for iOS.

But now? I had been tinkering with some different trackers on my computer, and when I tried one called MilkyTracker, I ended up sort of falling
in love. I liked the interface, the layout, and all of the assorted functionality it presented me with. Thanks to a little time on YouTube, I learned
the Fasttracker II approach and being that Milky is a sort of offspring of that, it was all just too damn good.

So, unlike LSDJ or Nanoloop which offer some serious constraints (which is of course part of the fun), MilkyTracker made me feel like I went
from a bucket of water to an ocean. As I began to toy with so many more channels and capabilities, well, let's just say I felt uninhibited. I know
that this software is nothing as powerful as the big boy DAWs like Logic, ProTools, etc, but I don't like DAWs anyway. I've tried a couple and I
hate trying to make music that way. Still, this tracker has given me alot and so as I said, this album represents alot for me on a very personal

In this music, I of course had a couple tracks where I was simply being slightly creative and having fun. Alot of it however is me being
completely ridiculous I guess, but in my head I'm letting pure emotions and indeed core pieces of my very person be translated into sound.
There is positivity, negativity, and assorted emotions scattered throughout, and if you're interested just check out the song descriptions below.
Meanwhile, I've said a million times that digital bass and car audio have been lifelong passions of mine, so of course this album could be
classified as a bass CD. I try to keep it fresh, so there's multiple styles of electronic music onboard including electro, techno, hiphop, and even
a couple that could loosely be defined as triphop and industrial. I am confident in saying that this album has much stronger writing, and better
production value than my previous work. I hope you give it a chance and find some stuff you like. Not thinking entirely of myself, I can only say
with any objectivity that if this album does anything, it booms hard and would give anyone's system a hell of a run!

Here's a rundown of the tunes:

1. You NEVER Knew Me
This title track is somewhat aggressive, and even has the voice of the famous Speak N Spell asking "Who Is BitPusher?" This one is me expressing confidence, which is
something I've always had trouble with I confess. There is alot of pride behind this cut, the basic attitude that I'm proud of who I am.

2. Return Of The Boomasaurus
This was actually the first tune I wrote as a full song when I first picked up MilkyTracker. I was in the mood to drop some intense bass. When I started this one, despite enjoying my
MilkyTracker experience, it had been alot less than a year after I finished up Digital Bass 2017. I had no intention of working on a new album to begin with. I was only experimenting
with software for the fun of it. As I started building this beat, it sort of started energizing me to write more music, and it was breaking up some truly unhealthy depression I had
been going thru in my personal life. It was almost liberating to be making music again, hence the "set me free" tagline I slipped into the title. It was simply therapeutic. Because of
it's simplistic and yet excessively loud nature, It sort of reminded of the Boomasaurus track from 2014's G33kMuz1k. Slow and low. The Boomasaurus is back.

3. Man Of Shadows
There is alot of deep sorrow, or general depression and heartache behind this music. I was aiming to do something a little more on the ambient side for a change, and I had
finished the song and even compiled a truly bizarre music video for it (you can find it on YouTube) almost all before I had even come up with a title for it. I guess as a personal note
it is fair to mention that my views tend to be what some religious folks refer to as the left-hand path. Combining my beliefs with the amount of depression I was dealing with,
somehow this title just sort of manifested itself. Probably ridiculous, but regardless, that's the story. Big surprise of course, some pounding low-end is onboard.

4. 3E-3C
This track isn't particularly expressing anything except me being in the mood to drop some good ol' fashioned techno. There is a circuit bent Speak N Spell sample that says
"greater than, less than" I used here, and the title is the pair of those expressions represented in ASCII, hexadecimal.

5. Chipboom
Using strictly Gameboy sounds, I wanted to rock some chiptunes. Anyone who has followed my past work knows that I love making bass oriented system bangers with 8-bit
because how many people regularly come at chip music with that approach? With a touch of some hiphop flavor and some heavy duty low-end, it is a head bobber.

6. Dominus
This cut is dedicated to Neil Case (Beat Dominator / Bass Mekanik). In it's early stages, it was an electro track that was me sort of venting some anger. As the song grew, it started
reminding me of Beat Dominator who is someone I listened to alot as a kid. I changed the synths to what you hear now and sort of modeled it a tiny bit after the Beat Dominator
sound (at least in my head.)

7. Morning Star
My attempt at an industrial track, and of course me expressing a little more on my...views. The opening speech is one I modified from a 1965 radio broadcast from Paul Harvey
entitled "If I Were The Devil."

8. Breathe
This track was almost scrapped. I was toying with the 303 and wanted to drop an acid-house tune. Despite several incarnations, I never got this tune to be exactly what I wanted it
to be and is the only one on my own album I don't care for. The idea was there, it just never came together. Oddly, my daughter liked it and thought the exhale sound was funny so
she'd do it in the car when the song did it. This is how the title came about.

9. Computer Language
I have never hidden the fact that I have loved the group Bass 305 since I was little. I've loved their music for so long that I got the idea in my head last year to do a little easter egg
style tribute to them by the title and artwork of the Digital Bass 2017 album. None of the music however was in any way meant to mimic them nor did I do anything like sample
them. I wanted to do something more, and this song was born. Again, I did not sample one sound of them, but I laid out the bassline to exactly resemble the title cut from their
debut album "Digital Bass." The rest of the music is entirely original, but the tribute stands. I hope at some point the Watson brothers even hear it. It's my best way of saying
thanks for all the years of music that added some sort of happiness to my life.

10. Basshead
The title is definitely defines me. For this one, I wanted to let a little love and calm out. I wanted some absolutely sick low end, but also a strong melodic and generally chill feel. It's
not hard to follow.

11. Artificial Unintelligence
While this album on the whole has a generally darker and more serious vibe, I decided to break it up a bit with something silly. This is no serious tune, I just wanted to be goofy. It is
written with nothing but the pure sounds of the old Casio SK-1.

12. My Beautifulest BB
I know it's cliche and perhaps cheesy, but the tune "You Are My Sunshine" has been one in my life since my daughter was born. She does not live with me but stays with me on my
days off from work. Anyway, there are times that when I'm truly feeling down for whatever reason, or I've got problems going on, I think of that song and the feelings associated
with my daughter and feel a little better. I decided to take it and turn it into a straight up techno flavored chiptune.

13. Dangerous Frequencies
I can't do a bass focused album without doing a straight up woofer excursion testing track. For those who are younger or otherwise don't know, many bass music CD's back when
they were prevalent in the 90's often had some sort of testing track which wasn't particularly musical in nature, but made to test just how much of a beating one's subs and amps
could take. The more serious car audio junkies might measure their system's performance in decibels, some measure the general SPL created by their subwoofers, some
measure the excursion of the woofer's cone when hitting the lowest frequencies, let alone many other possible metrics. In this test track, I sequenced some tones that in fact
drop below 20hz. Hence the title. Frequencies being amped up that go below the spectrum of human hearing are dangerous for both the human and the speaker. Hardcore
enthusiasts however toy with these on purpose. I am one of those people and this track will definitely do the job, often having your speakers absolutely throbbing and oozing out of
the speaker basket while the only sounds you sometimes hear are just the air being moved. Mmmm.

14. 8-Bit Encryption Algo-Rhythm - Transmission To Outpost Z
This was written as a small tribute and dedication to a long time ally and friend, General Mike and Army Of 2600. Mike was the first chiptune guy I got to know online when I was a
member of some Atari forums and was just starting out with making my own music. I was rocking an Atari 2600 and so was he. He had been already been doing live shows and
was more experienced, so of course because of our niche choice in machines, I admired the guy. He's a little more focused on making noise, ambience, and hardware glitchery,
but he writes music as well. We were always pretty damn good friends for having never met in person, and I thought I would break out a bunch of my old Atari sounds and give a
little nod to the man. This track is actually a slowed and tinkered sequence from my tune "When A Man Loves His Atari", next I took Atari sounds that were both game samples and
sounds from a couple of my other Atari tunes circa 2010 and totally screwed with them in Milkytracker. This track was the result of a load of f*ckery. Written with care.   :)