Before you move on to, let me first explain the what and why of this page.

My music is free, and as such I have never had any plans to make music for the sake of fame or extracting money from people, i'll
just leave that to the bigshots. It is because of this that the compact discs I have available on are priced at the bare
minimum allowed by their CreateSpace service to cover their costs to manufacture and ship, meaning that I do not make one cent
whatsoever upon the sales of these discs.

So why create them? It is perhaps for my own satisfaction, to see a finished product in my hand and be able to say "I made this."
It is also a hell of a neat offering for anyone who might enjoy my music.

These are
professionally printed and manufactured discs, with jewel cases, booklet, CD tray card, etc., and they are retail shelf
shrink wrapped, and shipped directly from Amazon. All artwork and design for these releases are done by yours truly. Unlike the
downloads on my site which are compressed audio using lossy codecs, the music on these discs are produced directly from their
master copies and as such are sourced from
completely lossless audio, providing the maximum possible fidelity and sound quality
as is possible. In the case of chiptune, this would only satisfy purists or actual fans. In the case of bass music, lossy codecs tend
to filter out subsonic frequencies, so having a lossless CD makes sense for the more serious tuners and enthusiasts who enjoy
playing with the extreme low end of the audio spectrum.

Simply click the
BUY CD button below the release you want to look at to go to the Amazon page where it is sold, otherwise, you
can point your browser to and simply do a search for "BitPusher" to find them.
...but what do they look like?
Click on the pictures & see for yourself.
Remastered & re-released in 2016 as part of "The 2600 Collection" the original 2010 CDs are no longer available.