1. Pixelize
2. 8-Bit Woofer Muncher
3. I'm Your Pusher
4. Spank The Monkey (BitPusher2600 Remix)
5. TIA Woofer Test Track

As of January 2016, this CD is no longer in production
as it's content was remastered and merged with an
updated release entitled "The 2600 Collection"
available exclusively on Amazon.
The full story behind this debut of mine is on the About Me page, but a long story short; I was simply experimenting with making chiptune and the
time did not consider myself any kind of actual producer. It was all for fun and killing a little time, and in my messing around the tune Pixelize
which at the time had no name came about. I thought it was cool, but I wanted to make something a little more from scratch and at this same time,
I discovered that the low-end from the Atari 2600's TIA sound chip really booms, and it hit me that as much as I love low-end oriented electronic
music, I'd try to imitate a lo & slo Bass Mekanik style tune, and who the hell ever did such a thing with an old video game console right? 8-Bit
Woofer Muncher came about. And yes, the Atari 2600 does produce a decent little bit of boom, surprising for being a video game console, and
really the whole experience does require an actual system in a car, otherwise using something like computer speakers, headphones, etc you
won't get how awesome this is. Moving on, after having completed two songs, I was having fun with the notion of creating my own chiptune
beats. I took the bass thing a step further with remixing Spank The Monkey from Soundstream Car Audio's legendary competition and dealer only
CD (I fortunately got permission from the company to remix that.) The other stuff was done relatively quickly, just messing around. After I finished
this, I decided to call this little collection an EP and call it quits. A few months passed of listening to these tunes many times and realizing that I
'can' create something on my own and had a finished little "something" (I dare not say product) that was tangible and right in front of me.

This was my first effort at creating my own chiptunes, and as I said at the time I did not take that all too seriously. I worked on these at quite a
leisurely pace in the end of 2009 before finishing it up in January of 2010. This was produced using a single Atari 2600 console, pro-sound
modded, and running
Synthcart (though I later put together a 2nd console for the next project.) It was fed to my computer with a simple processor
and sequenced (lazily) in
Audacity. A couple parts of these tunes may slightly fall out of time, I wasn't worried about it. They still sound awesome.
As it represents it's own little phase in my personal discography, it was given a name, and being bass oriented yet completely 8-bit, I called it
Pixelize The System (the system being the subs in someone's car, not "the system" as in the government.) This little project ended up being quite
a stepping stone for me, I hope someone somewhere can possibly enjoy it a little. It will boom in your subs and in fact, pixelize your system!

Here's a rundown of the tunes:

1. Pixelize: As explained above, literally my first attempt at creating a chiptune, or any tune for that matter, as opposed to my history in DJing where I manipulate, tweak and blend
music produced from others. This is a 4x4 beat, uptempo, and has what I considered a slightly dark, techno-esque breakdown and hook.

2. 8-Bit Woofer Muncher: Also explained above, this is an 8-bit imitation of a slo & lo style bass tune. Simple. Dragging bass with hooks that have a shifting set of frequencies in an
attempt to give a sub or two a little bit of a workout. The hi-hat, such as it is, falls out of time a couple times throughout this one, but if you're listening to this in an actual vehicle with
subs , you don't really notice it. Listen thru something else, you probably will.

3. I'm Your Pusher: This was an attempt at a noisy little Drum 'n Bass style tune. It's very simplistic, and the breakdowns are not meant to be coherent but literally some smashing
mad noise. I really just wanted to scramble the shit out of the noise channel and my messing around somehow turned into a song.

4. Spank The Monkey: The comical title aside, anyone who was really into car audio and competition circuits a couple decades ago knew who Soundstream Car Audio was
(intentionally direct competitor to Rockford Fosgate), and definitely knew about their legendary competition and dealer only CD entitled "Bass Cows From Hell." The tune Spank The
Monkey from that disc really is considered legendary and classic, just find your nearest car audio forum and ask. Knowing what a famed classic this is, I decided it would be fun to
do something completely unusual and unheard of and remix it chiptune style, and the Atari puts out the kind of low-end that's bad ass enough to do that tune justice if it did have to be
chiptuned. Unfortunately, still relatively new at producing chiptunes, I did seem to let the hi-hat fall out of time briefly a couple times throughout the track and not knowing how to fix
it, but otherwise I would dare say it is literally the best booming chiptune remix possible from an Atari 2600, as I used no effects or tweaks from the computer, it is pure Atari.

5. TIA Woofer Test: Again imitating something like you'd find at the end of a Bass Mekanik CD or the like, this track is not "music" and has no such goal. It is strictly bass sequences,
going from straight note to note bass to what I call "hi-bpm notes" and creeping bass tones. I played with the whole range of bass notes possible from the ol' Atari, but focused
mostly on the lowest possible notes it could produce. It is just a subwoofer test track and nothing more, as powered by the Atari 2600. I've invented the concept of "chipsound SPL!"