1. 2600 Watts
2. Digital Garbage
3. When A Man Loves His Atari
4. Loner So Alone
5. Subgenius
6. 2600 Watts
(Extended Mix)
7. Loner So Alone (Filthy Son Of A Glitch Mix)
8. 8-Bit Woofer Muncher II

As of January 2016, this CD is no longer in production
as it's content was remastered and merged with an
updated release entitled "The 2600 Collection"
available exclusively on Amazon
Modus Operandi is my 2nd release, and by the time I started conceiving this album, I was actually taking myself a little more seriously having
seen a completed EP with the release of Pixelize The System. My production was far better here, nothing is off-time and the low-end is awesome.
This album is produced entirely using a pair of Atari 2600 consoles that were pro-sound modded and being ran using
Synthcart, fed thru a simple
processor to my computer and edited and sequenced using
Audacity. If there ever was such a thing as an "8-bit bass CD", this is the one to own.
Sounds awesome in a pair of 15"s anyway, assuming you like chiptune and some of the noise that such a wonderful old console can produce.

Here's a rundown of the tunes:

1. 2600 Watts: A slick little hiphop beat I put together, sounds awesome if you have a system in your car.

2. Digital Garbage: An electronic groove with a neat breakdown.

3. When A Man Loves His Atari: A tough tune to describe. It is an off-beat, higher paced tune, and was done utilizing two Atari consoles and samples from Loopcart via the Stella

4. Loner So Alone: My attempt at a Drum 'n Bass style tune, sounded better in my head than it's final result, but after listening to the completed tune all the way thru a few times, I
decided to keep it.

5. Subgenius: This groove is based on a 2-step style beat, and it utilizes some of the raw noise only the TIA chip can produce. A couple minor effects were added post-production in

6. 2600 Watts - Extended Dub Mix: Pretty much what it says. Throughout this mix, the main hook has been extended to twice the time it was in the original. This began as the original
version of 2600 Watts before I decided to scale some things back, but I was so fond of this tune when I was done with it I decided to keep it and label it an extended mix instead.

7. Loner So Alone - Filthy Son Of A Glitch Mix: For those who like the glitchcore electronic goodness, this one is awesome. It is a more focused and better done tune compared to the
original and probably how it should have been to begin with. I actually did this remix as my own little nod to Squarepusher, because I can talk all day about what a huge admirer and
fan I am of the guy, but in general my music shows no real influence from him because I don't know how to produce glitchcore very well but in this case, damned if I didn't try

8. 8-Bit Woofer Muncher II: This one is fairly simple 8-bit imitation of the slo & lo style bass tracks you might find on a Bass Mekanik CD, as was the intention of the original 8-Bit
Woofer Muncher from Pixelize The System. This successor has a better focus, was kept in time throughout, and has both direct bass notes, and some creeping bass tones as well.
When played in a car audio setup that has a subwoofer or two, this track definitely demonstrates just how surprsingly low the TIA chip in the Atari 2600 can boom. While producing
those notes however, the TIA chip also makes a gritty noise that you hear in your mid-range speakers, altogether giving you both booming low end and that classic chiptune noise
you'd expect.