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These links are here because they either:
*represent something important to the world of chiptune and electronic music
*represent something important to me because I said so
*or represent some awesome people deserving of recognition

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The most legendary if not comprehensive
piece of software for producing chiptune on
the Gameboy. Donationware. If you decide to
get into chiptuning and want to buy this, don't
be a cheap little dirtbag. Johan has given the
world something awesome here.
Also a legendary piece of software in chiptune
and electronic music. Available for Gameboy
and Gameboy Advance for chiptuning, as well
as iOS or Android for an extremely well
rounded electronic music production suite!
This software turns the Atari 2600 console
into a full synthesizer. A pro-sound modded
console becomes an instrument, and if used in
conjunction with a sequencer on your PC, you
have a wicked awesome chiptune tool.
Synthcart is also available as a rom for 2600
emulators too.
There are some awesome people on
this web forum. You can go here for
advice with anything chiptune, be it
production, hardware modding, and
much more across many systems and
formats. Plenty of free beats to
download as well.
This site is home to all that is Atari.
Chiptune on consoles, information on the
Atari ST computers, and tons more. Anyone
interested in any breed of Atari hardware
for music needs to know this site.
Because 8bit Peoples :)

May be one of the most famous internet based
chiptune "labels" known to the chiptuning world.
This was also the first site I ever visited upon
hearing the word chiptune so many years ago.
Download your heart out.
I discovered this man on
8bitPeoples, and got to talk to him
when I was a regular at the Atari
Music Network. He's a hell of a
talented chiptuner and nice fellow
*ARMY OF 2600*
General Mike and Army Of 2600 has a been
a friend to me since 2010. This man
literally rapes the sound barrier with
beauty thru chaos, truly the mainstream
scene destroyer, powered in a big way by
that beautiful TIA chip in the Atari 2600.
Thursday Customs is based in my home state (about two hours away from me in fact.) These folks are who you can turn to for modded
GameBoys, or you can SEND IN YOUR OWN for a broad range of modifications like pro-sounding, backlights, clock mods, hex chips, and much
more. I really don't feel the prices are all too bad either. I utilized these guys to do my own DMG with a blue backlight and RCA prosound mod
amongst a couple other tweaks. If you know how to do your own circuit bending, they've got all the components and accessories you'll probably
ever need, even stuff i've never heard of. Really exciting stuff for the would-be chiptuner. Modifying circuits and soldering are not something I
have any experience with, so these services become invaluable. Besides, it's lame to rock everything in an emulator, why not use the REAL thing?
*BitPusher's LSDJ Kit Collection*
This is a little gift I want to share with fellow
LSDJ composers. It is my collection from the
many sources who shared their kits online for
LSDJ's wav channel. This is the very kit
selection I have added to my own LSDJ
cartridge. Enjoy!
My friend Lance. We first met at our place
of work and while I don't remember how it
came up, we were both geeked to find out
we both make music. For the most part,
Lance blends ambient & chill with trap style
beats for a smooth, relaxing, yet system
pounding blend of groove and boom.
As of late 2017, I began experimenting with
various softwares, trying to find and learn
something new for myself. Amongst several
different softwares I tried, this is "the one." I
got comfortable with it surprisingly quickly and
I am absolutely in love with it. It offers more
capabilities than anything I've ever used up to
this point, it is such a pleasure to use. Based
upon the legendary Fasttracker II, I can't
recommend it enough.