Track Listing:
1. BitPusher's Woofers
2. Psionika
3. G33k
4. Moonlit Bass
5. Boomasaurus
6. Break Me Off
7. Bassik Protocol
8. Filaffles & Disco Cigarettes
9. Fragmentation
10. Dr. Pimpwood's Increment Of $12,000
11. Belltower Woofer Test Track
After a four year hiatus, BitPusher is back! This time, i'm packing more than just a video game console!
This is my first legit and genuine bass CD, with clean and ultra-low frequency goodness, often times with bass dipping well below 35hz (on my
CD release anyway, I do believe lossy codecs like mp3 or ogg throw away the less audible frequencies.) This was a project long in the making
and was produced primarily in NanoLoop on iOS, and some post production using Audacity. I have kept true to my video game music loving self
and have indeed used some varied instrumentation from the Atari, the Gameboy, and some of the built-in capabilities of Nanoloop. However,
this is NOT a chiptune release as i've also used instrumentation from the glorious TR-808, the TR-909, and a few other drum machines and
synthesizers as well.  It is a near lifelong dream to have done this album, to create a bass CD like the producers/artists I loved so much growing
up, like Bass 305, Bass Creations, Beat Dominator, Techmaster PEB, Dynamix II, DJ Magic Mike, etc. I don't consider myself all too talented, and
my production capabilities are quite limited, but I am nonetheless proud of my work here, and can at least promise clean audio, and an extreme
beating on your subwoofers. I hope you enjoy something from this record, and don't forget, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BLOWN SPEAKERS!

Here's a rundown of the tunes:

1. BitPusher's Woofers: This is a classic Slo & Lo track. Ultra-low bass, and slick rhythm. I made this one for my own 15".

2. Psionika: My own nod to Scratch-D of Dynamix II...I think. This one is an electro bass track.

3. G33k: You just have to hear this one and decide for yourself. This is one of the few tracks on here that aren't extreme on the bass front, and has a slick groove with a touch of
g33kdom for your listening pleasure. Fairly basic rhythm, sounds awesome.

4. Moonlit Bass: This track is a slow, extremely mellow and bass intense tune with a sexy piano groove and hell, I even used a vibraslap :)  This one is my own feeble nod to
TechMaster PEB, and an attempt to make a tune similar to his more mellow and peaceful beats.

5. Boomasaurus: Perhaps the most head-bobbin' ass tune on this record. East coast style hiphop, trunk pounding groove, and has an ultra-low bass breakdown halfway thru the
track. I miss hiphop that has this sort of sound.

6. Break Me Off: Aiming for the old-school line dancing, Cochise sound. I just wanted to see what it would sound like. It was made for fun. The kickdrum in this actually hits at a
lower frequency, so if you're not listening to it in an actual vehicle with a sub, it won't boom like it was intended, but still sounds good nonetheless.

7. Bassik Protocol: A second electro style track, this time utilizing some chiptune instrumentation. The robotic voice says "BitPusher...2600...drop the bass, shake the ground like
thunder...trip the livewire with this liquid fire...move your ass crash the glass smash the wall execute protocol."  Ya know, I remember a time when lines like that were awesome.
Oh the good ol' days of electro.

8. Filaffles & Disco Cigarettes: This is techno. Pure and simple. This track is a tribute to that repetitive noise I was very into during my late teens, and it all sounded quite a bit just
like this, but perhaps with more synth. This was made for fun, and admittedly a direct finger to the statement Eminem once made saying "Nobody listens to techno!" I did and I do.
There are several extended DJ breaks throughout the latter part of this track too, because all old school techno had 'em. As for the title, alot of old techno tunes like this had titles
that didn't have anything to do with the track whatsoever. In this case, there was an episode of Home Improvement when they were showing bloopers during the end credits, and
for whatever reason, The Toolman slipped up his line and said the title of this track: "Filaffles & Disco Cigarettes." That always struck me as hilarious, so I used it.

9. Fragmentation: This one is an off-beat, and unusual piece of noise that came about as a bit of a mistake. Intense bass with throbbing sequences. Really, unusual is the only word
I can come up with. It is really intended specifically for car audio, not the kind you would just listen too in headphones or what have you. One thing, it does boom crazy hard.

10. Dr. Pimpwood's Increment Of $12,000: This is strictly an inside joke between me and my best friend. He's the voice you hear, and it's one of those thing's you had to have been
there understand.

11. BellTower Woofer Test Track: What bass CD would be complete without a decent woofer test? And a test it is, this is not a song, this is not a beat. I included an 808 snare and
hi-hat for basic ambience, but this contains a basic roll down of some bass notes, pounding and decaying in the way a belltower would ring out. The latter half of this track
contains the lowest frequencies I have used on this album just for the purpose of seeing "how long can you go?", and a majority of them have been removed by lossy codecs as
far as the downloads on this page are concerned, so to get the full experience, you would have to have the lossless audio from my studio masters, which are only available on my
CD release.