<![CDATA[BITPUSHER - Blog]]>Sun, 10 May 2020 18:28:37 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[A Moment For Florian Schneider]]>Wed, 06 May 2020 17:42:17 GMThttp://bitpusher2600.net/blog/a-moment-for-florian-schneiderI have to take a moment to talk about this significant loss to the music world today. Florian Schneider of the legendary Kraftwerk has passed away due to cancer. Maybe some of you don’t know who Kraftwerk is? They are among the creators and pioneers of electronic music. Going back to the early 70’s, Kraftwerk invented and modified all sorts of electronics to create music that in itself was purely electronic, something rather unusual at the time. The musicscape, the sound designs, the engineering and so much more influenced almost all the music we know today. Chances are at least one group or band you like credits Kraftwerk as an influence, just do a quick search for bands influenced by Kraftwerk and see what I mean. Bowie, Depeche Mode, the birth of electro and hiphop, just on and on they've been a part of it all in some way.

The earliest memory I have of Kraftwerk was getting a copy of their 1984 album Computer World I happened to find at a garage sale with my mom when I was a kid, and that music was of course right up my alley. With dreams of being a DJ, I always scooped up vinyls when I could find them cheap like that, and the luck of stumbling on a copy of Computer World, I had no idea until I listened to it. Anyway, apart from Kraftwerk themselves, they are direct influences not just on me, but on some of my biggest influences as well, such as Bass 305, Beat Dominator/Bass Mekanik, DJ Magic Mike, and many others.

Without a doubt, this is a monumental loss of someone whose art and creativity contributed far more to the world than younger generations even realize. Kraftwerk's roots are survived by the other founding member of the group Ralf Hutter. From founding the group with Ralf, Florian remained a part of Kraftwerk for 40 years before seperating from the group to go his own way. I wish his family and all of us who loved and were molded by Kraftwerk all the best.

R.I.P. Florian. We are (always) the robots.
<![CDATA[This Facility Is Fully Operational....]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2020 06:24:52 GMThttp://bitpusher2600.net/blog/this-facility-is-fully-operationalThis has been quite the effort so far.

Welcome. It has been a struggle to get my site back online, but here it is. While I had some music floating around online, I hadn't created a website until January of 2010 when I also had my first retail CD manufactured and sold by Amazon. Oh the memories. I was with Yahoo webhosting for the last 10 years, and now I'd finally decided to move on. I found a cheaper option with MacHighway, whom I'm using for hosting now, so I transferred my domain and entered uncharted territory. Since I have no funding but from my own wallet, combined with the price increases over at Yahoo, it was just that time. Since I know nothing of web design, I rely on the "WYSIWYG" tools available to me. This site is built with Weebly, and without a doubt it sucks. It's incredibly constrictive, limited, absolutely not intuitive, and just getting this place looking at all like I would've wanted it to took alot of effort since I had to figure out how to work within the tight constrictions here, so my original layout ideas were scrapped. I wanted a much more modern, minimalist look compared to the late 90's style website I designed previously, so here it is. It even has a mobile format which is something I did not have available before, nor would I have had any idea how to....make it so.

My previous Wordpress blog at http://bitpusher2600.wordpress.com will stay up for now, but obviously I will not be using it anymore now that I have my own built into my website. If I can't figure out an efficient way to paste over my old posts, I will eventually wipe out that Wordpress.

I've never really had "followers" or "fans", but if you're one of those people who've bought my music over these years (much to my amazement there are some out there), I really want a moment to say thank you! As of 2020, BitPusher has been making music for a full decade, and frankly, I've never been dedicated enough to crack down and put out music, I just occasionally tinker and chip away (no pun intended) at tracks until they end up completed at my leisure. Regardless, I'm far from done. I've got my new website together, I'm working on a new LP this year, so BitPusher has much more bass to drop, much more subwoofer punishment to hand out and it is on. Peace

<![CDATA[Mic Check 1,2]]>Tue, 31 Mar 2020 05:25:56 GMThttp://bitpusher2600.net/blog/test-1Installing a blog on my new website. New territory, this is only a test. Shame it won't let me change the colors.

"Microphone check, micro-microphone checka, microphone checka, 1,2, checka."
  --Das Efx